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About Us

Rodarte Nogueira is a statistical and actuarial consulting company that gathers professionals with extensive knowledge in actuarial, financial and economic assessment of pension funds, supplemental health plans, and benefits to employees, in compliance with Brazilian accounting standards and related international standards.

The company is also specialized in actuarial and benefits audit work, to attend to both the specific demands of the entities’ collegiate authorities, and the legal requirements of the pension funds when requested by the supervisory agency, to ensure that the rules and controls applicable to each benefit plan are being respected.

In the supplemental health segment, Rodarte Nogueira has specialized itself to attend to self-managed entities, with emphasis on the technical responsibility of the relationship of these institutions with the National Agency of Supplemental Health and on the development of actuarial, economic, and financial assessment projects, as well as audit of these institutions’ administrative and operational processes.


How we can help companies that operate or are interested in working in Brazil:

  • Conception and restructuring of benefit plans;
  • Conception and restructuring of health care benefit plans;
  • Legal and technical support to change the statutes and regulations of pension plans;
  • Preparation of dossiers for sending procedures and documents to the national regulatory and supervisory agency, and technical responsibility for its monitoring;
  • Training for Pension Fund managers, directors, and employees;
  • Elaboration of ALM studies;
  • Technical assistance in legal proceedings where the Pension Fund is a litigant party.
  • Development of studies for withdrawal of sponsorship;
  • Due diligence;
  • Elaboration of voluntary severance program;
  • Issuing of Actuarial Technical Note in compliance with national and international accounting standards, concerning actuarial liability assessment of employee benefits such as IAS 19 R1;
  • Contingent liability;
  • Management of loans to participants and beneficiaries;
  • Actuarial assessment of administrative funds;
  • Advisory services for quality management in health insurance;
  • HR solutions for customers:
    • Pension Funds;
    • Health Insurance;
    • Financial and Social Security Education.

We also provide the following services with help from our partner firms:

  • legal assistance to pension funds and supplemental health;
  • information technology solutions;
  • solutions in the management and control of investments; and
  • accounting and management audits.

Corporate Philosophy

Our Mission is to provide quality services related to actuarial and benefits consulting, for pension funds and self-managed operators, through efficient, innovative and professional processes, being a proactive, reliable, and socially responsible partner.

The company is registered in the Brazilian Actuarial Institute – IBA (member of IAA) under CIBA No 70 and in the Regional Council of Statistics – CONRE-MG, under No 9.

MGAC's Network

The MGAC was founded in 1991 by independent actuarial and consulting firms from around the world who have ever since been working closely with one another in order to meet their client’s needs for international actuarial advice. The network meets regularly to discuss trends, share ideas and foster strong business relations. 

Comprising 25 actuarial consulting firms and employing over 6000 people across six continents the MGAC enables our member firms around the globe to work together to provide clients with high-quality services related to the design, administration and communication of employee benefit plans. The MGAC also has extensive links with organizations in other countries not formally represented, and is ready to assist wherever required.

The map below shows where our member firms are located. 

General Enquiries

If you have any queries on any of our services, including:

  • Corporate governance & global benefits consulting, strategy & audits
  • Executive pensions for multinationals, expatriates & International Pension Plans
  • IAS19 & Local GAAP accounting co-ordination
  • International M&A
  • Multinational Pooling

please use the form below to make a general enquiry, or contact your local MGAC member. 

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